The Unconventional Candidacy of Donald J. Trump


Donald Trump is more than an entertainer despite the efforts of his political foes to brand him as such. He is a shrewd and cunning politician who has read the Republican electorate extremely well and knows how to meet its needs.

Mr. Trump continues on an upswing, and no one, no one, knows how far that will take him.

Mr. Trump’s success dates back to his announcement speech when he was willing to adopt a controversial stand against illegal immigration and offer to build a wall across our southern border … and have Mexico pay for it!

This pledge struck all our pundits as nonsense until his poll numbers began to rise as a result. Mr. Trump’s willingness to pepper his speeches with superlatives and, yes, the hugeness of his vision for our country complemented and reinforced that promise, and none of the traditional candidates could match it.

Now, as a liberal Democrat, I do have some problems with some of Mr. Trump’s policy prescriptions, but his willingness to take on the entire system is something this country hasn’t seen since Bob Dylan. That provides an allure to his unconventional candidacy, and it remains to be seen how far it will go.

Already, Republican insiders are starting to say they would prefer Trump over Ted Cruz, an odious individual who can’t seem to get along with anyone. And Trump’s numbers continue to climb while Cruz seems to have peaked too early.

Some pundits say that Trump is made of teflon; nothing seems to stick against him or affect his candidacy. But that ignores the central fuel of his campaign: the American people are sick and tired of being lied to by standard politicians.

One can argue President Obama has accomplished a great deal during his time in office: saving the country from a recession, providing national healthcare, reforming Wall Street through Dodd Frank. He can inspire his base, one reason why Hillary Clinton is trying to cling to him so tightly. But while she has her own struggles, Mr. Trump continues on an upswing, and no one, no one, knows how far that will take him.