Third-World Terrorism Targets

parisIn the world of terrorism, it’s location, location, location. The destruction of the idyllic reverie of Paris startled the world. The attack the day before in Beirut did not. Not many know that 43 were killed there and more than 200 wounded. The Paris attack generated wall-to-wall cable coverage for more than a week.

The destruction of the idyllic reverie of Paris startled the world.

And what about the attack in Mali just yesterday. News programs are covering it out of necessity, because it relates to Paris, but if another terrorism attack hits a first-world country, who knows how we’ll react.

Of course, innocent civilians are just as vulnerable in Africa or Asia, but they’re used to violence and bombings, or so the story goes. But it’s clear from the media capitals of the world that a European life is more valuable than an African one, and especially more than the Middle East.

It’s not fair, but that’s how the world works. And eventually, the terrorists are going to figure that out, and that’s when we really need to worry. Of course, unlike much of the world, in America, we can go down to the corner store or the supermarket without wondering if we will encounter an explosion along the way.

But I have a feeling those days are numbered. As terrorists learn how to manipulate our system, and they will, we will have to join the rest of the world in a very tragic state of affairs.