President Obama, We Barely Knew Ya


I still remember the 2008 campaign. The then-Senator Obama’s promise of hope and change. The amazingly large crowds. The ringing refrain from his speech at the Democratic National Convention four years earlier: “There is no red America, there is no blue America. There is only the United States of America.”

The audacity of hope has returned to our President through the climate-change agreement with China, the reform of our immigration system to keep families together, the bold diplomatic move on Cuba …

Other events come to mind. The promise of a new Camelot. The endorsement by Caroline Kennedy of Obama as the fulfillment of her father’s vision.

The only regrets from that time and the only caveats came from Hillary Clinton who warned us about the 3 AM phone call and who presciently said that you need someone tough because the Republicans aren’t playing games. She turned out to be right and who knows how history may have been changed if she had been elected instead.

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