Social Collaboration Sites

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Social collaboration sites provide an excellent way to find content for postings on social media and, in the process, provide reliable sources for distribution to your connections.

Some of the most popular sites include and, and <u>they work in a simple and effective manner</u>.

Some of the most popular sites include and, and they work in a simple and effective manner. They provide an ongoing list of material contributed by their members, and each time you share it, you earn points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can spend them to share your own content.

While both sites are similar in many respects, their point systems diverge, both in absolute numbers and successful re-distribution. The site,, recommends you amass more than 50 points prior to sharing your own stuff, but it notifies you when someone else shares it and seems to be more productive in this respect.

The viral content site also lets you change the format of the buzz delivery system, creating easy-to-use horizontal lines instead of cards upon your selection. Moreover, the site awards more points if your sharing account (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) already has a large number of connections.

Both social collaboration sites let you schedule the time of sharing, and you should try to space out your selections at least an hour apart to ensure your results achieve maximum impact. The optimum time of distribution depends on the social medium you use.