The Hypocrisy of Hamas

The Hamas leadership typically sends out propaganda about how the lives of Palestinians are cheap; the lives of Palestinians are considered worthless compared to Israelis.

But let’s look at how the current conflagration got started. Three Israeli teenagers were killed, and Hamas celebrated the occasion. But when one Palestinian was killed in retaliation, they rioted and started lobbing rockets into Israel in a campaign of terror.

Where is the condemnation for the Hamas rocket fire that escalated the current conflict?

Israel, on the other hand, worked to apprehend the perpetrators of both. They were both subject to the Israeli legal system and will receive a trial. And when Israel acts to defend its sovereign territory from these rockets, they receive international condemnation. Where is the condemnation for the Hamas rocket fire that escalated the current situation?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu provided an apt analogy on a recent political talk show. Imagine the United States was subject to rocket fire from Mexico that reached and affected two-thirds of the country, from the East Coast to Colorado, for example. And U.S. citizens were subject to air raid sirens giving them anywhere from 15 seconds to a few minutes to find a shelter and take cover? How would the U.S. President respond?

Not every situation is well conveyed by having a representative from each side. When one side is clearly wrong, they deserve to be shut out of the conversation, or at least minimized with a short statement. We are facing such a situation in the fight between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.