Email Marketing Tips


Email marketing may lack the glamor of social media or search engine optimization, but it can be a powerful tool for online publicity.

Email marketing works through a process called “authentication.”

In many ways, email marketing is the workhorse of online publicity. It requires both patience and endurance. Patience is needed because the results aren’t immediately evident. The concept of email marketing is just to show up in your recipients’ in boxes once every two months or once every quarter. They may not have an opening for you immediately, but when one does occur, they will remember you.

Email marketing also requires endurance. Almost everyone can put out two or three issues; some even keep it going for a year. But to publish an email newsletter year in and year out requires commitment, and that quality is sorely lacking in today’s business world.

Email marketing works through a process called “authentication.” Normally, if you try to send an e-blast to hundreds of people, most of it will end up in the recipients’ spam folders. But email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and G-mail recognizes the IPs of major email marketing firms such as Constant Contact and MailChimp, and they accept the transmissions.

Of course, even the email marketers will not accept any email list you purchase. The recipients must have some business connection to your organization, or they can opt-in to receive your e-newsletter — mainly the former.