Black Box Found



With the recent location of the black boxes, news about the latest air traffic crash in Indonesia will soon draw to a close. However, we are reminded of several glaring problems as we look back.

At least this time, they were able to find the wreckage and the black box.

For one thing, the island nation, the world’s largest Muslim country, is not too advanced technologically or procedurally. Handling a missing plane requires complex protocols, especially regarding timing and notifying the victims, and they still haven’t gotten it right.

The result is a lot of angry family members. At least this time, they were able to find the wreckage and the black box. That will take a lot of pressure off, and even that faraway nation should be able to interpret the results.

For a while, though, I thought we were going to have another Bermuda triangle. The conspiracy theorists were working overtime. One missing plane is about the quota, at least within the space of a year.

People forget, however, that our world primarily consists of oceans, and looking for a plane can be compared to finding a needle in a haystack. We need to update our technology to address this on every flying object.

Of course, the depressing thing about airplane crashes is that there are never any survivors. To think of a plane going into a tailspin and falling to certain death from 30,000 feet or more is chilling.

Everyone knows that they are about to die, and I’m sure there’s a lot of screaming and worse. At least, there may be some finality for the families now.