Public Relations

Cut-It-Out Communications provides traditional and online public relations services for clients in Westchester County, the New York Metro area and nation.

Public relations, commonly defined as unpaid publicity, is estimated to be up to 10 times more effective than other forms of promotion per column inch. Recently, due to the need for original content, PR has expanded from newspapers and trade journals to corporate blogs, e-newsletters, website development and search engine optimization. The new field of online PR provides rapidly changing opportunities.

Whether you are a sophisticated national organization or a local Westchester start-up, we can help you increase your visibility and make a difference in your bottom line.


Cut-It-Out Communications offers concise, persuasive writing for any business need including public relations and marketing. We get right to the point without flowery language or wasted words.

Our organization has published articles to teach executives easy rules for editing their employees’ writing, and our company writing policy may be summed up by the statement, “Say it in two words instead of three.”

Our company name was originally Cut-It-Out Editing for a reason. We sincerely believe we can edit down any document no matter how polished.

The pen indeed is mightier than the sword, an axiom proven true both in the annals of history and present-day controversy. Major organizations have reversed their policies based solely on the quality of writing by consumer advocates.

Online Marketing

Many Westchester firms seem to be running on a treadmill when it comes to interactive public relations.

Cut-It-Out Communications provides up-to-date interactive services including:

  • Website development to leverage inbound marketing;
  • Social media posts for Facebook through Instagram and everything in between;
  • Internal WordPress blogs, hosted on your website, with the latest plug-ins;
  • Site performance improvement through techniques such as lossless compression;
  • Creation and embedding of YouTube videos on your company website;
  • Use of the latest markup language,, to improve SEO; and
    use of SEO toolbars for powerful measurements.