Westchester Public Relations Documents

This page provides examples of Cut-It-Out deliverables, a tangible library of the types of documents we produce for our clients. As our clients encompass many different industries, Cut-It-Out offers a diverse work product for your review.

Copywriting undergirds most of our efforts, and prospects should keep this in mind when evaluating our organization. We are always willing to consider your project if it touches on public relations, marketing or digital publicity.

Cut-It-Out has also developed key skills for the Internet age. These include search engine optimization, website development and social media.

Obviously, creating copy for your website requires research of visitor behavior, and maintaining an online media room necessitates mastering the basics of html coding. We have learned many of these skills thoroughly, and, in fact, certain clients hire us solely with these abilities in mind.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has provided an overall umbrella for many of our online publicity efforts. It includes corporate blogs, online press releases, website development and content marketing. The concept of inbound marketing or “pull” public relations serves as an overall strategy for our SEO capabilities.

We’d also like to make one final comment about the graphic design examples in this section. We have included these skills here to emphasize their centrality in the marketing process. Our graphic designer has worked for Fortune 500 companies and offers his skills to Cut-It-Out Communications as a personal friend of the organization.

Each example on this page gives you background about the nature of the project and our comments about its overall relevance. You may also access a print-ready PDF version for your convenience.

I called CIO Communications to see if they could help get this story out. Inside of a week, I had front-page coverage… to say the results were impressive is an understatement. Anyone that needs a story told would be well advised to use CIO Communications.

Jeff HigginsPresident, LAN and PC Services, Inc.