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Westchester Public Relations Agency Institutes New Statistical Approach to Evaluate Search Engine Behavior

Hartsdale, NY, December 27, ’12 — Cut-It-Out Communications, Inc. (, a Westchester public relations agency, today announced it is instituting a new statistical approach to evaluate keywords for its clients for search engine optimization (SEO).

The method employed evaluates search engine behavior — the number of people searching for any given keyword — combined with competition, the number of people trying to optimize for the same keyword. The two parameters are compared to create a KEI (keyword effectiveness index): a high volume of searchers with a low number of optimizers will achieve the best score.

Willy Gissen , President of Cut-It-Out Communications, said, “The choice of keywords for a client often relies on a haphazard process or even guesswork to determine this critical step in the SEO process. Our company now uses a numerical method to create a spreadsheet evaluating and comparing dozens of possible keywords.”

Mr. Gissen uses the Google Keywords program to determine the monthly search volume and the all-in-title command to estimate the competition (type all-in-title:keyword into Google’s search engine to determine the number of websites using the keyword in their title tag). Then, he creates a simple fraction with the search volume in the numerator and the all-in-title statistic in the denominator. The higher the result, the more promising the keyword.

Cut-It-Out Communications is known for its pioneering approach to the latest online public relations techniques and strategies. It creates and maintains website media rooms and corporate blogs for its clients; improves search engine rankings with inbound linking campaigns; and often explores new developments by testing them internally first.

Mr. Gissen authored a monthly column on public relations and marketing for the Westchester County Business Journal (see, maintains a daily blog on the lead story in The New York Times at and wrote a series of articles about public relations and business development (

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