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Westchester Public Relations Firm Incorporates SEO Toolbars in Online Program

Hartsdale, NY, September 24, ’13 — Cut-It-Out Communications, Inc. (, a full-service Westchester County public relations firm, today announced the incorporation of SEO toolbars in its online PR program for clients.

The most useful toolbar, SEOquake, can be added to a company’s Mozilla Firefox browser for free. The toolbar analyzes any site visited with useful information such as the PageRank, Alexis traffic rank and social media signals. It also provides a diagnosis button to determine the efficacy of any web page’s meta tags and the presence of useful site-wide functions such as an xml sitemap, a robots.txt file and Google Analytics.

Willy Gissen, President of Cut-It-Out Communications, said, “The ability to use the SEOquake toolbar for free is one of the greatest bargains on the Internet. It lets you go through a client’s site on a page-by-page basis to check the fundamentals of your on-page SEO and ensures you are complying with the basic building blocks of the discipline.”

Mr. Gissen went on to praise the measurement of the text-to-html ratio, ideally more than 50 percent, to ensure web pages load quickly, a key factor in the Google search engine algorithm. He also noted a separate button on density to determine the frequency of your keywords so you can avoid both keyword stuffing or, conversely, a lack of appropriate repetition.

In addition to the SEOquake toolbar, a toolbar is available from MOZ; the free version provides measurements of site authority, both for individual web pages and the entire domain. It also determines the number of inbound links to any page you visit. These inbound links, clickable text on other sites pointing to the page, constitute a key element in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Cut-It-Out Communications has become famous for exploring the frontiers of online public relations. Prior to SEO toolbars, it emphasized the power of inbound links from YouTube and the creation of videos through Camtasia screen-capture software. The company puts out a bi-monthly newsletter. It also maintains a daily blog at

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