Eight Ways to Improve Your Time Management

Advice from Business Experts

Time management is a valuable tool to increase your productivity at work and allow more quality time at home. Here are eight ways to become more effective.  

1. Start with your largest, most unpleasant task.

Instead of working up to it by clearing up smaller matters, begin with the worst item on your agenda. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and therefore more productivity during the rest of the day. As Mark Twain wrote, “If you begin each day by eating a live frog, you can be satisfied that’s the worst thing that will happen to you all day long.”

2. Organize yourself.

Your file cabinet should be within swivel distance of your desk chair, and you should have a three-tier inbox prioritized accordingly.

Buy a labeler for your files and clean up your workspace.  

3. Plan, plan, plan!

10 percent of the time you spend planning, saves 90 percent of the time in execution! 

4. Focus like a laser on each task.  

Once you start a task, keep going until you complete it. Starts and stops waste huge amounts of time as you reacquaint yourself with the job and where you left off.  

5. Get a laptop and forward your calls to your cell phone.  

Vacations are essential for your productivity and mental health. For sole entrepreneurs, the above strategy may be the only way to get a break.  

6. Be in command of your communications devices, not vice versa.

Turn off your phone and email when working on an important task. This reinforces items #1 and #4 above.  

7. Learn how to batch similar tasks together.

Make all your phone calls at the same time. Respond to all your emails at the same time. For example, batch your calls together between 10 and 11 AM. Clear up all your email correspondence twice a day.

8. Audio CDs are perfect for learning while you drive.

This otherwise wasted time can become a bonanza of instruction and learning.  

Following these eight simple steps is the key to reorganizing your entire life! Follow them faithfully, and you will be surprised at the impact.