Eight Steps to Effective Email Marketing

Getting Them to Open Your Newsletter

Please see below eight suggestions to improve the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. They are based on my attendance at a recent Constant Contact conference.

1. The program Color Cop improves branding capabilities by matching your web site colors.

The user can click and drag an icon shaped like an eyedropper over the color(s) of any web page to get the hexadecimal or RGB index number. This number can be used in email marketing programs or the underlying html coding to exactly reproduce the color.

2. Make sure your subject line isn’t cut off by limiting it to 35-47 characters.

Many browsers will cut off the subject line after this length, approximately five words.

3. Avoid bombarding the viewer with too many colors.

A limit of three colors is best for any promotional document to avoid a clown-like effect.

4. Provide useful information.

Your email newsletter should strike a balance of about 80 percent informative to 20 percent promotional. Otherwise, recipients will block it as spam.

5. Recipients will look at your email newsletter if they recognize the sender.

This factor, more than any other, influences the open rate. For this reason, you may even wish to repeat or expand upon the “from” line in the “subject” line.

6. Make your email newsletter easy to navigate by using “anchor” links.

Anchor links, such as “back to the top,” help the reader find useful information, especially if the length of the newsletter requires a lot of scrolling.

7. Send your email newsletter to hotmail, gmail and aol browsers as a test.

Sometimes, the formatting may vary or error messages occur based on the type of browser.

8. Promote your email newsletter actively on your other accounts.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are probably the most important. A link in your email signature file may also be very effective.