Eight Reasons to Include Search Engine Marketing in Your PR Campaign

The Importance of Original Content

Public relations, traditionally focused on print media, radio outlets and television, has been undergoing a sea change in the past few years as the reach of the Internet has expanded into nearly every aspect of our lives. For business organizations, it has become imperative to include search engine marketing (SEM) in PR campaigns for the following reasons:

1) The Internet encompasses target markets crucial for your organization’s success.

Unique demographic, cultural and interest groups can only be reached through cyberspace, and SEM helps them to find your web site and learn about your company.

2) Search engine marketing helps drive traffic to your web site.

The core purpose of SEM, this item is focused on cutting through the clutter of the Internet and is designed to match your organization with your ideal customers.

3) Search engine marketing creates a rich assortment of promotional and informational documents, showing your company’s expertise and establishing you as an expert in your field.

SEM involves extensive copywriting for online press releases, content provision articles, blogs and e-newsletters. One of its primary goals, increasing inbound links to your web site to improve your search engine ranking, includes other opportunities as well, posting the documents in an online media room or using them to fill out a press kit.

4) Search engine marketing complements and supplements SEO.

Web site are typically optimized for certain keywords essential to your industry. However, the process doesn’t stop there. The Google ranking algorithm favors dynamic sites, constantly growing and changing. SEM adds documents to your site on a regular basis, and an internal blog will ensure a steady addition of new material.

5) SEM contributes to public relation’s essential goal, increasing your visibility.

Public relations works by creating a flow of publicity over time. SEM does the same in the online arena.

6) SEM provides a competitive advantage.

As a relatively new field, SEM provides significant advantages compared to other organizations in your field. Assuming a zero-sum business model, a search engine marketing strategy can thus provide crucial to your company’s survival.

7) Search engine marketing provides a new revenue stream.

Lots of companies have web sites just sitting out there in cyberspace. They refer prospects to the site, using it as a traditional marketing supplement. With SEM, you will draw brand new customers who will be attracted to your site based on whatever keywords you select. For retail organizations, SEM can jump start your e-commerce opportunities.

8) Search engine marketing improves employee morale and retention.

A relatively unnoticed and tangential effect of SEM involves its effect on your employees. Everyone likes to belong to a cutting-edge organization, and the use of search engine marketing involves your employees in a mutual effort to keep up with the latest publicity opportunities.

For all the above reasons, SEM should play a vital role in your public relations efforts. Online PR is a new and exciting field, but many innovative public relations practitioners have already made the transition, and others may be left in the dust.