Eight Quick Steps to Publish a Bylined Article

Writing and Pitching are Key

One key method to promote your business involves publishing a bylined article in a national trade publication. It can impress your prospects and establish you as an expert in your field. Here are eight quick steps to publish a bylined article in a key publication.

1. First, you must select the publication. Get Bacon’s Magazine Directory from the reference section of your nearest library. Find the right section by using the alphabetical index in the back. Review the magazine profiles to find one with an appropriate subject and readership. The magazine circulation should be between 30,000 and 100,000 to ensure maximum coverage without too much competition. 

2. The magazine’s editorial calendar describes topics for the entire year, and if there is a suitable one for your organization, you should time your submission for that issue. Go to the magazine’s website to find its editorial calendar. Pitching appropriate topics should begin about two or three months in advance.

3. Call the editor-in-chief or managing editor of the magazine because at lower levels, you will need two approvals instead of just one. Avoid voicemails so you can establish a relationship with the editor. If you can’t get through, ask the operator to either page the editor, contact someone at an adjacent office or transfer you to a nearby receptionist.

4. Pitch your story idea, and ask for permission to submit an outline. This gives the editor some breathing space because immediate approval is delayed. However, it also commits the editor because once the outline is approved, it becomes much more difficult to reject the final piece.

5. Request deadlines for both the outline and the article. This also commits the editor, and you should mention in the body of the email that you are sending it “per the deadline provided.”

6. Follow up three times, about once a week, to determine whether the article was reviewed.

7. Finally, ask the editor to review the piece while you’re on the phone. Give the exact time of transmission so the article can be easily found. At this point, you should have established a relationship with the editor, and you are likely to succeed.

8. After publication, create “reprints” of the article for marketing purposes such as inclusion in your press kit. It should printed on glossy paper with the magazine’s banner and date of publication across the top. To create a reprint, you must receive copyright approval from the magazine, but this is generally pro forma, and some publications even offer their own reprint department.