Eight Quick Pointers on Tri-fold Brochures

A Powerful Leave-Behind for Personal Meetings

Here’s eight quick pointers on tri-fold brochures:

  1. A “leave-behind” for meetings with your prospects is even more important than your website.
  2. You should include your photo (or the President’s photo) in your tri-fold brochure because people like to look at the person they are hiring. 
  3. You should include your logo and slogan on the brochure. If you don’t have any, get them!
  4. Your tri-fold brochure should be created as a Word document so it is easy to edit and can evolve with your business. Graphic designers hate working in Word. Tough!
  5. The inside front flap of the tri-fold should be used for bullet points summarizing the rest of the piece.
  6. The back of the brochure should include a call to action. You can offer a guarantee or a free consultation.
  7. Avoid see-through by printing your brochure on middle-weight glossy paper.
  8. Modify the brochure for electronic transmission because the panel order for printouts is awkward for emails.