Eight Quick Pointers on Content Provision Sites

Writing articles and improving SEO

Many online publications need to continually find interesting articles for their readers, and many of them use content provision sites as a source. Contributing material to these sites has become a critical element of online public relations. Eight quick pointers for using these sites are listed below.

1. Articles for content provision sites should be vendor-neutral.

Editors are searching for informative pieces for their readers, not advertising. By writing copy of general interest, you will benefit your organization more in the long run than by using a blatant promotional style.

2. Content provision sites boost your web site’s ranking by generating inbound links.

Anyone publishing an article from a content provision site must include the author’s URL. This URL, pointing to your web site, is known as an inbound link and is a crucial factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.

3. Starting your article with a number in the headline increases its popularity.

For example, 10 Tips on Editing Your Employees’ Writing, attracts more readers than “Editing Your Employees’ Writing.” Any type of how-article beginning with a number is especially powerful.

4. Avoid long papers and technical topics.

Articles of about 500 words work well. They should succinct and easy-to-read without using any specialized jargon.

5. Use the author resource box.

Most content provision sites provide an author resource box for you to include a short bio and a link to your web site. Be careful about including a lot (or with some sites, any) of URLs in the text of your article because readers view this as too promotional.

6. Content provision articles should be a continual element of an online PR campaign.

You should try to write at least one article per month and publish it on your company web site as well.

7. Include a headshot in your content provision profile.

Even in this electronic age, people like to see what authors look like, especially if they are interested in doing business with them. Most content provision sites have a specific option to include the author’s photo and will often publish it with the article.

8. Contribute to content provision sites specializing in your industry.

These targeted sites will help you to network with publishers in your field and help to establish you as an expert source on the latest topics and trends.

Content provision sites increase your visibility, help your web site ranking and serve as a source of learning for both you and your readers. They are an important tool in any online public relations campaign.