Eight Advanced Pointers on Facebook

Translating Friends into Business

As of October 2010, 116 million people in the United States were registered with Facebook out of a total population of 309 million. And the PR potential of this site continues to grow.

In fact, many young people today consider email passé and prefer to communicate via the Facebook message interface. However, the demographic group of 40-somethings is growing the most rapidly on Facebook and offers a vast new audience for many industries.

Please see below some key items to help you understand more about Facebook and create a sophisticated business platform.

1. Lack of customer service

Facebook operates without any customer service department and can intimidate those who approach it on an ad hoc basis. In addition, many actions on Facebook are irreversible, so you must research this program thoroughly before moving forward.

2. Business pages and personal profiles

Facebook Pages, created especially for businesses, must still be linked to a personal profile. You should set up your Facebook Page with a dummy profile and avoid using an email address from someone who might leave your company.

3. Customizing your landing page

Go to www.pagemodo.com or www.fanpagebuilders.com, two user-friendly programs created to help you customize your Facebook Page. Alternatively, you can hire a programmer who knows FBML (Facebook mark-up language). The recommended budget range for coding a Facebook landing page ranges from $275 to $500.

4. Integrating with other social media

You can use an automatic feed or TweetDeck to publish the same text on both Twitter and Facebook or follow a more customized approach based on the differences between the two sites.

5. Frequency and nature of postings

If you use a customized approach, stagger your submissions to create a constant flow of publicity. For example, you can tweet in the morning and send a Facebook post a few hours later.

Experts recommend submitting at least one Facebook post and four tweets per day. You can find a interesting article and transmit the URL to avoid excessive business promotion.

6. Obtaining a vanity URL

You need to attract 25 fans to create a custom URL using your company name (www.facebook.com/company).

7. Boxes to include on your page

You can include a box to promote your company or your blog, add a coupon to increase business or even customize a “like” box.

8. Regular participation

Avoid setting up a Facebook account and leaving it to twist in the wind. Participate as much as possible.