Web Site Editing with Ipswitch and Dreamweaver

Transcript: (// = see screen activity)

This tutorial will show you have to make simple edits to your web pages using Ipswitch for a FTP program and Dreamweaver for an editor. First you need to get the Ipswitch WS-FTP program. Go to Google, type Ipswitch and access the home page.//

Now click the link for WS-FTP Professional and the download button for the free trial in the upper left hand corner. When you’ve downloaded the .exe file and installed the program you will see a template like this.//

This is called an FTP program, standing for file transfer protocol. It consists of two windows: the one on the left can be any folder in your hard drive, and the one on the right will depend on the files in the website you’re editing. So I keep a copy of all my website files in a folder on my hard drive, and I can access it like this.//

Now, across the top of the Ipswitch template, you will see a row of requested input for the address, user ID and password. You can access any website if you know these three items. The ftp address is simply f-t-p colon backslash backslash and the site domain. So I can just enter the ftp information for my site like this.//

If you don’t know yours, you can get it from your website hosting company. Now, I have my live website files in the right window, and the folder I chose from my hard drive in the left window. And if you see the two arrows in between the two windows, you can highlight any file and click the arrow going from the right window to the left to download it, and you can highlight a file in your hard drive and click the arrow going from left window to the right to upload a file. It works like this.//

Now, that you know how to download and upload files, you need to learn how to edit them. This is simple using the program Dreamweaver. Again, type Dreamweaver into Google to access the free trial.//

Once the program is downloaded, it will automatically integrate with the FTP program, Ipswitch, that we’ve been using. So, if you right click the file we just downloaded, you will see the option, open with Dreamweaver. And when you select that, it will look like this.//

Now it’s important that you have a split view. You can access that here.//

Now, you can make any changes to the text or coding in either half of the screen, and when you click the other half of the screen, it will show the changes. Say I just want to change one word.//

See how the change occurs automatically in the top screen after I click on it, and the two halfs of the screen highlight the same area.//

Now you just do a file save to complete the process. If you do a “save as” and change the name of the web file, you will create a new web page with the URL corresponding to the new name.//

Just one caveat: in order to see the changes in Ipswitch, you need to hit the F5 button to refresh. //

Now, if you upload the file from the left window, the changes will be live. //

You can test it here.//

That’s it. Practice a few times, and it will be second nature.