The Best Way to Protect Your Computer

Transcript: (//= see screen activity)

This tutorial will show you the best way to protect your computer including the hard drive, operational speed and backups. It consists of a series of steps to take every morning or evening. My computer is five years old and continues to work smoothly thanks to these precautions … The first you want to do is open Internet Options so you can clean out your browsing history and delete temporary files. You can find Internet Options in your computer’s control panel. When you download it, it will look like this.//

Click delete twice, and let the program run. It will only take a few minutes.//

Next, you want to do a disk cleanup of your hard drive, generally the C drive on your computer. You can find disk cleanup by searching your programs, after clicking the Start button in the lower left-hand-corner. Most systems should allow you to drag the disk cleanup program onto your desktop to make this step easier in the future. This is what the disk cleanup template looks like.//

If you click okay, it will ask for a confirmation to delete these files, like this.//

Next, you want to defragment your hard drive. The first time, you do this, it can take several hours so you may wish to schedule it overnight. If you do it every work day however, the entire process will eventually take about 10 minutes. You can generally find the defragment option in your start-up menu, but it may also be in your system accessories folder. Here is what the defragment template looks like.//

Just highlight the options and click the button that says defragment disks.//

Now with your computer hardware in good shape, we want to check for any viruses, malware and other malicious material. The best program to do this is called Norton 360. The template looks like this.//

Click on tasks, run scans and custom tasks like this.//

Norton 360 is especially powerful because it automatically updates with the latest virus definitions through an item called live update as you can see at the top of the list. I suggest checking all the items, but unclick backup because we will use a special function for that purpose. It will take about 10 minutes for this program to run … Finally we will use a unique program to search for and delete malware. I recommend Malwarebytes; the template looks like this.//

This is just a scanning program, and it will take about five minutes. … Finally, the issue of backups. A lot of backup programs just take an image of your hard drive, and this is fine if you are restoring to the same computer, but otherwise you could run into difficulties. You want a backup program that actually copies the files. I recommend Acronis software for this purpose. You will also need an external hard drive to store your files, and I suggest buying a portable zip drive as well. The zip drive is for off-site back up, and you should run an offsite backup once a month. It is the ultimate protection to make your business fail-safe in case your office is totally destroyed. … Here is what the Acronis template looks like.//

Turn on your external hard drive and click the backup now button in the software.//

After it loads the disks, make sure to delete disk 2 because you don’t need to backup the backup disk.//

Finally, you need to select the location to back up to — this would be your F drive which represents the external location. A full back up takes about 20 minutes but you only need to do this once a week. On a daily basis, you can select the file you have already created in the F drive and do an incremental backup like this.//

That’s it. It may seem a lot for a daily basis, but you can run all the protection routines at the same time, go for a walk for 45 minutes and come back to find it all done. Then you only need to run your backup routine, another five minutes if you’re doing an incremental backup. You can run full backups on Saturdays as well as updating your off site back once a month. … If you follow this routine every day, your computer will last for a long time and you will protect this essential business investment. Thank you for your time and happy computing!//