Using screen capture software for instructional videos


This tutorial will show you how to easily create a YouTube video without needing to be personally on screen. You can use screen capture software such as Camtasia to provide instructional lessons. All you need is a USB microphone to plug into your computer and to download the software. First go to and select the free trial.

Next, open the main dashboard of Camtasia, and click on the line just below the top navigation bar that says record the screen.

You will get a special rectangular recording box. Select the dimensions on your screen to be recorded in the boxes above the dimensions title right here. The width should be about 150 percent greater than the height. I cannot show you the box because it is being used in the current recording. In any case, there is a large red circle in box that says rec. When you click this button, you will get a countdown from 3-2-1 with a notification that you can hit the F-10 key at any time to stop the recording. You can then coordinate what you speak into the microphone with what appears on your desktop. Then, you will have the option to save your recording. Once you have done so, you can go into whatever folder on your desktop you use to keep your recordings and, from the Camtasia dashboard, you can click on file and then import media to access it.

Next click and drag the icon of the file you have just opened onto the Camtasia timeline like this.

When you do so, you will see a box asking what size you want your video to be. Click on the pull down menu and select the size recommended for YouTube.

Finally, click on the second icon next to “record the screen” just below the top navigation bar. Select the item “Share on YouTube.” You will see a sign-in screen for YouTube, and after you have signed into your account, you can add a title and description for the video, and then click finish.

As you can see, the computer is rendering the video, and after it is done, you will be notified that your new video is on YouTube.