Learn How to Code in HTML in Under 10 Minutes

Transcript:(//=see screen activity)

This tutorial will show you how to use basic html commands in under 10 minutes. For demonstration purposes, I will be using a text or Notepad file. It is important to note that you cannot code in html using a word processing document such as Microsoft Word.//

The first thing you need to remember is that html is not a programming language — it is more of a formatting language. Most html consists of an open command and a close command — the action you want is operative between the two. It’s like an open parenthesis and a closed parenthesis in math. In html, the open command consists of a less than and greater than sign, or two carats, while the close command adds an interior backslash. Now don’t panic .. I’ll show you how it looks by using a paragraph command.//

Now, for example, b stands for bold, so the html bold command looks like this.//

Everything between the two commands will be bold text. …. The letter I stands for italics, so the italics command looks like this. //

Creating a color command is a little more difficult. You need to know the six-digit index number of the color you are trying to reproduce. For instructions on how to find this, you can see my YouTube channel tutorial on Color Cop or go to the section of my website’s media room titled, “how-to videos” … whatever is easier depending on how you accessed this tutorial. … Once you have the six-digit color number, you use the font color command like this.//

Finally, the most crucial html command involves how to make a link. You will need to input the URL where you want the link to go as well as the words in the anchor text. The anchor text consists of the words that appear in the link itself. You can then follow the format a href, URL, anchor text, close a. Again, don’t panic; it will look like this.//

Finally, lets show that all our coding is correct. If we save the text document as an html file by using the extension dot html, and then open the file, we will see the result of our coding.//

And that’s it. Html coding in under 10 minutes.