How to Use Landing Pages in Your Web Site Structure


This tutorial will show you how to structure your website using landing pages. Landing pages give clear organization to many different sections on your site, especially in your media room. But anywhere on your site where you have web pages that can be grouped together under a general category, you should use landing pages. Landing pages are powerful because they are scaleable and can be used in a flexible way as your company grows … First, let’s consider your media room, an essential structure on any site where you can add new publicity created for your company. That publicity needs to be organized into separate categories such as press releases, bylined articles and videos for example. The categories can be included on the main page of your media room, perhaps on a side navigation bar like this.

Then, a landing page can be created for each category using a separate web page organized into a list. Here’s the landing page for my press releases.

As you can see the landing page is scaleable as the list of releases is organized into reverse chronological order. Then, whenever you have a new release you can just add it to the top of the page. … Finally, you can make each release or each item in your landing page list clickable, so the visitor can drill down into the specifics using the landing page as a portal.

Landing pages are also useful because you can forwad the URL of the landing page and thus spread the word about several related items at the same time. Landing pages are a powerful website design structure, and you should use them whenever possible.