How to Use Features from Other Web Sites

Transcript : (// = see screen activity)

This tutorial will show you how to use and improve the coding on your competitor’s website. Assuming there is no copyright protection, you can first copy the coding by going to the print on the web page where the coding resides and right-clicking with your mouse. This will create a pull-down menu and you can select the coding by clicking on “view source,” like this.//

Next, you want to copy the coding. Use control-A to select all the coding, and use control-C to copy it. Doing this will put the coding in your cache like this.//

Then, open a text file and paste the coding into it like this.//

Then, you can save the text file as an html file by adding the dot-html extension to the name Doing this will replicate the web page you are targeting, but the file is under your control to make modifications and upload.//

Finally, you can access and modify the coding that you want by uploading the html file into Dreamweaver using its split screen to show the website in the lower half and the coding in the upper half.//

If you move the cursor to the desired item in the lower half of the screen, it will show the corresponding coding in the upper half.//

Before using this coding on your own site, you should modify it to avoid any copyright restrictions.