How to Sharpen Images When Using


This tutorial shows how to avoid blurring when you resize images with Normally, the cropping and re-sizing of images with is very simple, but beginners soon discover that images become blurred when you use the re-size function to reduce the dimensions. You are not doing anything wrong; this program requires you to use a special sharpening function known as Unsharp Mask. First, you need to download the program by typing “Unsharp mask for” into Google.

Then, you need to select the item listing Unsharp Mask as a plug-in for

When you get to the download page, you can download a zip file with Unsharp Desk here.

When you open the zip file, you will see a file titled Unsharp Mask.dll. You need to integrate this with by going to your program files, clicking on and then putting it in the effects folder. After doing this, you will see Unsharp Mask as one of the items in the pull-down menu for Effects like this.

Then you are all set to prevent any blurring. As an example, here’s one of my headshots which I will reduce in size using

See how blurred the image is? I can sharpen it by selecting Unsharp Mask like this.

Next, reduce the radius to zero or as far as it will go, generally about 5.

Then, you need to increase the amount to about 20. Unsharp Mask will show you a before and after image for you to accept. Once you do so, the image will be sharpened. If you increase the amount too much, you will get another type of distortion.

If you think the image is still blurred, you have an option to repeat the action like this.

And voila, your image is no longer blurred.