How to Place a Live Twitter Feed on Your Web Site

Transcript: (//= see screen activity)

This tutorial will show you how to place a live Twitter feed on your website. First, you need to sign in to your Twitter account.//

Second, you need to go to the settings icon on the upper right of your screen. It looks like the gear of a wheel. Then click on the settings in the pull-down menu.//

Finally, you need to select widgets in the left side column, and this will give you the opportunity to create a new widget by clicking on the button in the upper right of the screen.//

Now you have the ability to modify the appearance of your twitter feed. I would keep it pretty much the same though you might want to create a dark theme depending on the color of your website pages. The preview of the live Twitter feed is on the right half of your screen. Here is how it looks with a dark theme.//

Once you are happy with how it looks, you can just copy the code.//

Then, you can put the Twitter feed on your website by using an FTP program such as Ipswitch or Filezilla and an editing program such as Adobe Dreamweaver. An FTP or file transfer protocol program offers free 30-day trial programs. Go to and click on WS-FTP Professional.//

Once you download the program, it will look like this.//

Select the file, or web page, where you want the Twitter feed and download it. This will involve transferring a file from the right window to the left one like this.//

Now, if you don’t have Dreamweaver, you can download it by going to

Click on downloads from the top navigation bar and select see all downloads. Then, you’ll see Adobe Dreamweaver CS 6, and you can select Try instead of Buy, at least for the beginning.//

Now back to our tutorial. You can upload a file from Ipswitch into Dreamweaver either by double clicking it or right clicking and selecting open with in the pull-down menu. It will take Dreamweaver a minute or two to download and show you the file you selected. Once it does, it will look like this.//

Insert the code, download back to Ipswitch and upload it to your website like this.//

Make sure you refresh Ipswitch before uploading the file to your website by using the F5 button.//

Finally, test your browser to see what the Twitter feed looks like.//

And that’s it. You’re done. Obviously, you can play with the page placement as your prefer.//