How to Improve Site Performance Through Image Compression


Google is now including your website loading speed, also known as your site performance, in its ranking algorithm. You need to score at least 80 out of 100 in this critical area to ensure top ranking against your competitors. One way to improve your site performance is through lossless compression. Lossless compression is used on various images, and it creates a smaller file size without altering the resolution or dimensions. In other words, it is not noticeable to the visitor in any way.

But the smaller file size means a quicker loading time and improved site performance. The best program for lossless compression for j-peg images is File Minimizer. Here is how it works. First download the program and go to the dashboard. This is what the dashboard looks like.

First click on the box that says open files and select any jpeg file like this.

You can add as many image files as you wish as you can see in the bottom window … Then simply click on the button in the middle right with the lightning bolt on it that says optimize files, and you’re done. Substitute the new optimized photo for the old one on your website.

For png files, you can use the same program, but dedicated software for png files gives you a higher percentage of lossless compression. The program I prefer is called png gauntlet. Here is what the dashboard looks like.

Just click on the add images button at the top center of the window to load your target file. Also notice the check box at the upper right giving you the option to overwrite the original file.

Then click the optimize button at the top left for lossless compression.

And voila, you have a new, smaller file with the same dimensions and resolution to substitute for the original one on your website.