How to Hide and Unhide Columns in an Excel Spreadsheet


This tutorial will show you how to hide and unhide a column or row using Microsoft Excel. Hiding a column is important if you want a spreadsheet to fit on one page, or if there is personal material you don’t want to print out. Here is a sample spreadsheet containing contact information.

Click on the home tab if you’re not already there and then find the cells box.

Select the format pull down menu in the cells box, and under visibility, you will see the option hide and unhide.

Finally, select the row or column you wish to hide, and the click the corresponding item in the pull-down menu.

To restore the column, you basically do the opposite. Make sure you highlight the rows on both sides of the hidden column, then select unhide.

Easily done. Knowing how to use this option will give you new flexibility when creating printouts or dealing with confidential material.