How to Format Hyperlinks in Outlook 2010

Transcript: (//= see screen activity)

This tutorial will show you how to format hyperlinks in your email messages when using Outlook 2010. First, open your Outlook 2010 program and prepare to send an email by clicking on new email in the upper left corner. Your new screen will look like this.//

Second, click “format text” on the upper navigation bar.//

Then, go to the styles panel, and click the diagonal arrow at the bottom right of the panel You may need to enter some text in the email body first to activate the arrow.//

You will see a pull-down list of items to format, with hyperlink listed at the bottom. Right click on “hyperlink” and select “Modify” from the pull down menu.//

Go to the formatting section of the new window and select the font, point size and color you wish your hyperlinks to appear. Don’t forget to select underline if you want your links to be underlined. For demonstration purposes, I am going to select red.//

Finally select whether you want this formatting for the current email only or for future documents as well. There is an option at the bottom of the screen offering a choice of “Only in this document” or “new documents based on this template.” For demonstration purposes, I am going to select “new documents.” Then press okay.//

Finally, test your new settings by closing out the section and opening a new email. Then type a hyperlink.//

And voila. All my hyperlinks will be red.