How to Edit Text with Mark-Up

Transcript: (// = see screen activity)

This tutorial will show you how to use the editing function in Word 2010 so that all your additions are automatically marked in red, and all your deletions are automatically marked with a strikethrough function. Using this feature lets the original writer see all your suggested changes while at the same time preserving the original text … First, open up Word 2010 and find a sample file to practice on.//

Click on the “review” tab on the top navigation bar, then click on the pull down menu for “track changes.” Then select the item “change tracking options.”//

At the top of the new screen under markup, change the insertions to underline and the color to red.//

Then change the deletions to strikethrough and black.//

Finally, make it easier for the reader by marking changed lines with a black line on the right border of the copy.//

You should also avoid using balloons as they tend to be confusing. Go to the balloons section and select never. Then save the screen, go back to the track changes button and select “track changes.”//

Now you can start making changes to the text. As you can see, when you add or delete text in a normal fashion, the editing markup appears automatically.//

If you make an editing mistake, you can highlight the section, click on the x icon in the changes section, and it will go back to its previous status.//

If you wish to create a clean file with all the changes executed without any markup, you can also go to the changes section, click the pull-down menu for accept and click “accept all changes.”//

You can turn off the editing function by going to the track changes button and selecting the track changes option again. This will turn it off. As you can see, changes and deletions occur naturally.//