How to Determine Your True Web Site Ranking Without Personalization

Transcript: (// = see screen activity)

The fact that Google personalizes its results may lead to a false sense of security when you are checking your corporate website ranking. An example of personalization can be found by typing pizza into your search engine. The results should automatically provide locations in your area.//

An easy way to turn off personalization and find your true organic ranking can be achieved ironically with the Google Chrome brower. First, if you are only using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, you must download the browser. Simply type the name into whatever search engine you are using like this.//

When you have downloaded the browser, or just opened up your existing copy, you should next make sure you are not automatically signed in to your Google account. You can tell if you are logged in by going to the Google search page and looking at the upper right-hand corner. If you see a red box requesting you to sign in, you are okay. If you see your name or account in gray, you need to select the pull down menu to sign out like this.//

Finally, you need to go to the incognito window in Google Chrome. You can do this by clicking on the three bars on the upper right next to the browser bar. You will get a pull down menu with the option new incognito window.//

You should always see the icon of a man who looks like a spy with glasses and a raincoat in the upper left corner. Otherwise, you are no longer within the incognito function. Finally go to the Google search page and type in any keyword to find your true ranking without personalization. For example, one of my keywords is Westchester County public relations.//

And that’s the true ranking for Cut-It-Out Communications.//