How to Crop and Re-Size Images Using

Transcript (// = see screen activity)

This tutorial will show you how to use the editing feature on to re-size and crop images. is free imaging software that most amateurs can use without having to buy an expensive Photoshop license. First, go to Google and type in to get the program.//

You’ll see an item called and if you click the download item in the meta description, you’ll go to the home page.//

When you get to the home page, you can scroll down to download the software. Be careful not to click download on the advertisement in the middle of the page. Once you finish downloading the software, click run, and you will see the action box, and it will look like this.//

Now, I can just click on file and open to load any image from my hard drive. Here is one of my headshots as an example. //

On the bottom of the window, you will see the pixel size showing width versus height. Here it is 145 times 164. Now say I want to reduce the size. I can go to image, click resize in the pull-down menu and change the percentage. Make sure to keep the aspect ratio checked so that the photo doesn’t distort. Let’s make it half the size.//

Notice that the pixel size at the bottom is now 73×82. You will also observe however that image looks blurred. This occurs whenever you change the size of the image. To fix it, you need to download an application called Unsharp Mask and follow the instructions for installation. When you are done it will appear within the program under effects and photo.//

Now if you decrease the radius as low as possible, you can use the amount slider to sharpen the image. Usually around 25 is good, it will look unusual if you try to sharpen it too much.//

Now, if it’s still not enough, you can click on effects, repeat unsharp mask.//

Then, you can just do a file, save as to move the image back to the proper folder.//

Finally, let’s look at how to crop an image. Let’s go back to our original portrait and make it more of a headshot by getting rid of the tie and body. First get the file by clicking on file and open recent from the pull-down menu.//

For cropping, you need to go to image and then canvas size from the pull-down menu. Then if you anchor the top so it does not change, you can decrease the height, and it will be cropped from the bottom. You may need to do this more than once.//

We can also change the width the same way. First we anchor the right, then the left.//

If you make a mistake, you can click on edit, undo on the top navigation bar or just hit control-Z.//

That’s it. You can now resize and crop any electronic image using