How to Create a Screenshot

Transcript: (// = see screen activity)

This tutorial will show you how to create an image of what’s on your computer screen, known as a screenshot. A screenshot can be useful when you want to preserve something that might be changing beyond your control, and you want to show it to your client or customer before it does. For example, if a company is listed on the home page of PR Daily, you can preserve that by taking a screenshot of the page before it is updated the next day.

First, you need to find the “print screen” button on your computer keyboard. It is abbreviated p-r-t for print and s-c-r for screen and is located in the top row at the right, next to the F-12 button.

Second, you need to open the online screen you want to preserve. For example, here is the front of PR Daily as mentioned above.//

Finally, you need to hit the print screen button described above. When you do so, nothing will visibly happen, but the image is stored in the cache of your computer. Then, if you open a Microsoft Excel file, and move the cursor to the top of the first column, you can hit paste or control-V, and the screenshot will appear, like this.//

That’s it. Simple. Just save the file with an appropriate title and use it however you wish.