How to Backup a WordPress Database Using Go Daddy


This tutorial will show you how to backup your blog’s database for sites hosted by GoDaddy. Backing up a database in tandem with the files on your root directory will protect your blog against any accidental erasure. Copying the files in your root directory can be done by any ftp program; ftp stands for file transfer protocol. However, a blog also has files residing on your server, and these must be copied, too. To do this, you must first log on to your Go Daddy control panel. So go to and input your user name and password.

Next, click on your name on the right of the top navigation bar and selecting “visit my account” in the pull down menu.

You will then see a list of different types of GoDaddy products. Click on the plus next to web hosting to reveal the sub-listing and then select your website by clicking on the green launch button to the right of the URL.

In the next screen, you will see the category “databases” on the top navigation bar. If you select databases, you will see a pull down menu with the term MySQL. Select MySQL to see your blog databases.

Finally, click on the button “actions” next to the database you want to preserve and select backup from the pull down menu.

The database will automatically back up and save the new version in your db_backups folder on your website. You can access this folder using a FTP program as mentioned above and check the date of the .sql file you just backed up.