How to Analyze Your Web Site with SEO Toolbars

Transcript: (// = see screen activity)

This tutorial will show you how to add SEO toolbars to the Mozillla Firefox browser. The toolbars will then analyze any site you visit. The best free toolbar is called SEOquake, and you can download it from Here is the download page.//

SEOquake will provide several website benchmarks including the number of indexed pages, the Google PageRank, keyword density and a diagnosis button. The installed toolbar looks like this.//

So, if I visit my own website, I will see the following numbers. The site has more than 2,000 indexed pages, the traffic rank is 3, here is the button for keyword density, and the diagnosis button is on the far right. If I click the diagnosis button, it will create a report analyzing a number of items. It looks like this.//

Note that next to each SEO item, it gives advice on how to include it in your site. You can then run the diagnosis again to see if your changes are properly acknowledged. One useful diagnosis involves the text to html ratio. This can be used to keep the coding on your site to a minimum and ensure peak performance. As you can see here, the diagnosis prefers a text to html ratio at 50 percent or above.//

You may also wish to download the Moz toolbar. This toolbar provides the page authority and domain authority for any website you visit, a useful comparison on a scale of 1 to 100. Other functions of the Moz toolbar require a subscription, but this is provided for free. Here is what the Moz toolbar looks like on my website.//

You can see it just above the SEO quake toolbar with the blue M button for Moz. My domain authority is 32 and page authority for the home page is 40. These toolbars are both powerful and free, and the diagnosis function is particularly helpful when you are assisting your clients. Thanks for your interest.