How to Add Google Analytics to Your Company Web Site

Transcript (// = see screen activity):

This tutorial will teach you how to put Google Analytics on your company website. Google Analytics will help you to track essential statistics about the traffic your site is generating as well as how visitors respond when they get to your site. This response, otherwise known as engagement, will tell you the average length of their visit, the average number of pages they go to, and how many get to your site and then leave immediately. It will also help you to measure the success of a search engine optimization campaign by tracking the overall traffic in terms of unique visitors per month … First you need to sign in to your Google account.//

Then, you need to search for Google Analytics so you can go to the main home page.//

If you do not already have an account, you’ll need to fill in some registration information. But once you launch the program, you’ll come to the Google Analytics action page, and it will look like this.//

You’ll see the word Admin in the top navigation bar, and if you click it, you will go to Account administration, where you’ll see the option “New Account.”//

If you click, that the program will ask you want you want to track.//

Just select website.//

Then fill out the form with the following details.//

And finally you get some code to insert into every page you’re tracking. Just use Ipswitch with Dreamweaver as shown in my other tutorial and cut and paste this code in the header of your site’s index page just before the closing head tag. For instructions on how to do this, see my other tutorial on this channel about using Ipswitch and Dreamweaver to modify web pages.//