How and Why to Convert Word Files to PDF Files

Transcript: (//= see screen activity)

This tutorial will show you how to convert Microsoft Word files to Adobe pdf files and list some of the reasons for doing so. Converting the files can be done for free and in a very easy manner. First, find the Word file you wish to convert and determine where it is located in your folder structure.//

Also, check the content of the file for accuracy because once you create the pdf file it may be difficult to make modifications.//

Next, go to the Google search engine and type Word to pdf conversion.//

Third, open the program you select and follow the instructions. I prefer freepdfconvert.//

In this program, you select the file, enter your email address and click convert.//

After waiting a few minutes, you will see the new pdf file ready for download. It looks like this.//

Pdf files are useful because they are not easily edited. Therefore, they are widely used for online contracts and invoices, for example. Pdf files also generally use less space than the same file in Microsoft Word … for the same reason, they are not recommended when you need to create new documents and have them edited. The track changes feature in Microsoft Word is unsurpassed in this feature. … thank you for attending this brief tutorial.