Creating an Email Newsletter Template With Constant Contact

Transcript: (// = see screen activity)

This tutorial will teach you the proper way to create a template for an email newsletter using Constant Contact. Once you’ve downloaded and logged into the program, you will see a number of templates you can use. Ignore them. The best way to create a template for Constant Contact is to match the branding you use on your company website. This is called re-skinning your email newsletter, and I will show mine as an example. Here’s the home page of my website.//

And here’s my most recent email newsletter.//

See how the colors and the navigation bar match? … Now there’s another thing you want to do with the articles in your email newsletter. Don’t provide the entire article. Give the reader a paragraph or two, stop at an interesting point and continue the article on a new page in your website. This helps you to drive traffic to your site. It works like this.//

Now if you don’t know how to do this, Go to my YouTube landing page to learn how to edit or create a new web page. My website is, click on the media room in the top navigation bar and click on how-to videos in the left column. Here is the process.//

Now, back to my newsletter.//

Notice how there are two columns in the newsletter. This allows you to write interesting vendor-neutral articles in the main column and put promotional material in the side column. This will prevent the reader from thinking that your e-newsletter is just spam. You also want to include your photo in the email newsletter. Despite our electronic age, people still like to see whom they’re doing business with. … Notice also that there is an archive section in the newsletter. If you access it, you will see all my back issues.//

Transferring your newsletter to a web page uses the same skills mentioned above. Just do a right-click on the newsletter to access the coding from the view-source option in the pull-down menu.//

Copy the coding into a notepad file and then do a save as and add the .html extension. Upload the page to your site as described in my video about how to create a web page. … Finally, I want to describe the strategy of email newsletters. You just want to appear in your prospects email boxes about once every other month. Then, even though they may not need your services at the time, they will remember you when a suitable opening occurs. Those are the most important things to know about email newsletters.//