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Becoming a Public Relations Entrepreneur

For those who want to escape office politics, public relations offers a superb opportunity. All you need is a computer system and a phone, and you’re in business. Budding entrepreneurs with experience in a PR agency know there is no good reason for them to be in the office other than to remain under the […]

Online Integration

The online world today includes a variety of formats and platforms as well as public relations and advertising options. No one can adequately address all of them, though some should become an integral part of any corporate campaign. The company website is fading in importance among all this cacophony, but it should still serve as […]

Writing a Professional Blog Post

Writing a professional blog post is simple when you follow a few basic rules. First, you should load the blogging software onto your website instead of using an external blog. WordPress.org provides the best software to do so, primarily because it is supplemented by an extensive number of plug-ins. Coders write plug-ins for WordPress.org for […]

Pitching Reporters

One of the more critical functions of public relations involves pitching reporters and editors to publish your client’s story. Whether it’s a press release or a bylined article, this task involves finesse and understanding. It is not unusual for an editor to receive 300 press releases per day. First of all, you must realize any […]

The Key to Writing a Successful Press Release

Press releases represent a unique mode of communications, and to write a powerful release, you must follow certain rules. First of all, do not write a press release like an English essay. Press releases are used to convey newsworthy material to editors and reporters, and they expect you to follow a standard format. The body […]

Creating Valuable Content

The creation of valuable content represents the key goal in both marketing and search engine optimization. This content should be diversified and include press releases, bylined articles, e-newsletters and blogs, to name a few. The most successful campaigns will be organized into a time-related effort; for example, we recommend one press release per month, one […]

How to Measure Public Relations

Traditionally, public relations has always been difficult to measure. In traditional PR, pros often used “column-inches” to measure reputation management. However, this process did not account for the quality of the coverage or its ability to encourage follow-up. In the online world, however, the bane of measurement has largely subsided. Clients can monitor factors such […]

Public Relations Definition and Results

Public relations as an industry simply connotes any form of unpaid publicity. Before you can properly pitch your public relations services, you must make sure your prospect knows what you do. The common definition of public relations has absolutely nothing to do with what the practice is all about. In general, public relations in the […]