Frequently Asked Questions

What is your corporate culture?

We are hungry for new knowledge, both for our firm’s business development and yours.

How do you operate?

We work hard, and we’re honest. We provide deadlines for everything we do — so you know what to expect — and we meet them.

What are your qualifications?

Our President is a Harvard graduate with extensive training in public relations, grantwriting and politics. He is certified in advanced search engine marketing and stays abreast of the most recent developments in communications strategy.

He has written a monthly column on marketing for a local business journal, has been interviewed on radio and television, and has published informative articles for regional publications.

Is your public relations firm too small for me?

Larger firms send out their President to get new business, but once you’re signed up, you find yourself quickly relegated to an account executive. We ensure our President will be intimately involved with every aspect of your account. To maintain this level of attention, we work for an elite selection of quality organizations.

What fields do you specialize in?

Cut-It-Out specializes in business-to-business organizations, with satisfied clients from many different fields including hi-tech, residential and commercial mortgages, health, education and non-profit.

Why should we hire you instead of a full-time staff member?

If you unsure about generating a sufficient workload for a new full-time employee, we offer month-by-month flexibility while you sort things out. We don’t require any prerequisites such as healthcare insurance, and we offer a less intrusive presence than someone who’s in your office every day.

How does your price compare to the competition?

The answer to this bottom-line question differentiates us from other public relations firms. Cut-It-Out’s retainer is almost half the standard rate.

Do you provide retainer, project or hourly rates?

Cut-It-Out works primarily on a retainer basis. This generally proves the least expensive option for companies anticipating a regular flow of work, and it is essential for a successful public relations campaign. Sometimes, for smaller organizations, we offer a project rate for narrowly pre-defined assignments.