About Willy Gissen

Willy GissenOur President, Willy Gissen, constantly explores new techniques and technological breakthroughs in public relations, marketing and other forms of promotion. His innovation, combined with his core values of hard work, honesty and reliability, represent the key to our firm’s success.

Mr. Gissen’s writing skills undergird our company’s growth, and they have been sharply honed throughout his educational career from The Phillips Exeter Academy to Harvard College. An owner of an international public relations firm, headquartered in Westchester County, mentored Mr. Gissen in the field, spurring his rise from account executive to Vice President in under five years.

Looking for new challenges, Mr. Gissen subsequently joined the staff and helped to win a Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor. He then participated on the communications staff for the combined New York State gubernatorial campaign where he prepared a daily press briefing for the entire organization.

After the campaign ended, Mr. Gissen formed Cut-It-Out Communications. As a burgeoning entrepreneur, he recognized his dearth of formal business training, so he joined The Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence to learn more about productivity, marketing, sales and taxes.

With the rise of the Internet, Mr. Gissen demonstrated his nimble management skills, moving wholeheartedly into online PR. His ability to create valuable content led to a new focus on search engine optimization.

Currently certified in advanced search engine marketing, Mr. Gissen brings skills cultivated throughout his career to Cut-It-Out Communications. His ability to adapt to changing circumstances has fostered an ongoing demand for his company and its marketing services.