About Us

Cut-It-Out Communications

Cut-It-Out Communications was founded more than a decade ago and focuses primarily on marketing and related activities for its clients. It emphasizes participation in online activities, especially the creation of new and valuable content as emphasized by the Google ranking algorithm.

Inbound marketing or “pull” public relations involves positioning a client’s website so it will be naturally found by prospects looking to purchase the organization’s products and services. This positioning, facilitated by search engine marketing and optimization (SEM and SEO), has become one of the key talents of Cut-It-Out Communications.

Cut-It-Out institutes an intensive visibility program for its clients encompassing set-up, copywriting and posting of corporate blogs, online press releases, content provision articles and email newsletters. Website development ensures a dynamic presence through the creation of an online media room to preserve all publicity documents for easy access by journalists and other interested parties. Participation on various social media platforms complements and reinforces the search engine marketing.

Clients maintain complete control of the process and are empowered every step of the way. Measurement of online traffic to their website as well as visitor engagement are tabulated every month through Google Analytics, and a spreadsheet provides a running tally to verify the success of the program. Clients are shown how to monitor the results independently.

Cut-It-Out Communications also provides related services as required by the client including copywriting, traditional public relations, political communications and grantwriting. All services are based upon intensive consultation with clients and fulfillment of their desired goals.

Cut-It-Out Communications relies on the niche marketing skills of its President, Willy Gissen, and his skills are described on a separate page in this section. For more information and a free evaluation of your online visibility, please contact email info@cutitoutcommunications.com or call 914-723-7212.